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Easy Ordering

Ordering functional foot orthotics has just got whole lot easier thanks to our low cost, quick and easy and very effective foot orthotics range OCCO.

If you don't want the expense of bespoke orthotics but need something far superior than off the shelf devices then you've found the answer with our OCCO range. Each device is tailor made to your requirement but no cast is needed.



World leading advanced CAD/CAM custom made foot orthotics in EVA, polypropylene, nylon and acetyl.

Guaranteed delivery times in as quick as 24 hours.

Onsite 3d laser scanner to capture data from casts, foam impression boxes or even existing orthotics.


Simple Philosophy

"To offer the products and service that our customers desire in a highly efficient, reliable and cost effective manner."

World Leading Advanced CAD/CAM Custom Made Foot Orthotics

Foot protection for sports people


  • "I know of no other lab that is capable of producing devices as accurate as that"
  • "You are definitely the best lab I have ever worked with"
  • "We can really see the benefits of using your products compared to other labs"
  • "I am moving to New Zealand please will you still supply me your custom orthotics?"

Why Choose Us

  • Used by Premiership footballers, professional golfers, top international athletes, the British Army, the Royal Navy and many more illustrious organisations.
  • A low cost manufacturing service for people that use CAD systems to design their own orthotics. i.e. Delcam's OrthoModel, we can also advise on scanning and design systems
  • Please contact us for an electronic version of our prescription form and start using us right away!