Occo Foot Orthotics

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Ordering functional foot orthotics has just got whole lot easier thanks to our low cost, quick, and easy and very effective foot orthotics range OCCO.

If you don't want the expense of bespoke orthotics but need something much better than off-the-shelf devices then you've found the answer with our OCCO range. Each device is tailor made to your requirement but no cast is needed.

No cast or foam box is required, simply specify the foot size, arch height and prescriptive requirements and we will morph one of our expertly developed default foot orthotic designs to your chosen criteria.

Many features such as Metatarsal Domes, Skives and Plantar Grooves can be incorporated into the design at modest extra cost.

Full range of covers available*.

Every foot orthotic design is digitally stored making exact repeats a breeze.

Log in and try them now, you will be impressed by the quality of product and speed of our service!

*additional cost.

** Shell length EVA cover, please select from menu